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Tired Of Manually Tracking Your Links With Spreadsheets?

LinkOkay completely elimiates the need to use online & offline spreasheets to track your backlinks.

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Daily Monitoring

LinkOkay monitors your backlinks daily so you can easily see the ones that are live and ones that need attention.

Simple Interface

LinkOkay has a very simple, easy to understand and navigate interface so you have crisp clear overview of your links.


LinkOkay is simple on the outside but robust on the inside. Dozens of checks are performed daily to give you the most accurate data.

Complete Control

Unlike other SEO tools out there, LinkOkay only works with links that you input manually so you don't have to depend on any insufficient link index.

LinkOkay's Features

LinkOkay only works with links you feed it. This means much higher accuracy when calculating things like anchor text ratios and overall number of built backlinks.

One of a Kind

LinkOkay is the only tool currently on the market that allows you to manually input, track and monitor backlinks you build.


LinkOkay is based on the latest technology which ensures accurate monitoring and tracking of your backlinks.


Running on robust infrastructure, LinkOkay lets you check your backlinks lighting fast.

White-Label / Sharing

Check backlinks of your Projects from anywhere, even without logging in! Simply generate a Share link.

Gain competitive advantage

Drastically Improve Your SEO and Increase Your ROI

Are the valuable backlinks you built Live? Is backlink to your money website actually Present on the page? What about Outbound Link Count of the Page or whether the link is Dofollow or Nofollow?

Checking all of these things for your backlinks is perfectly doable if you make 10 or less of them. However, you are probably much above that. LinkOkay will check all of these crucial attributes on a daily basis for all of your backlinks.

Whether it is 5 or 5000.

Take Charge Now!

Off page SEO is a no small task. Whether you are white-hat, black-hat or no-hat SEO professional, linkbuilding definitely takes a lot of time, money and effort. With LinkOkay, you can be sure it's paying off!