Your backlinks are important.
Make sure they are okay.

A must have tool for anyone serious about SEO or internet marketing.
Track your links, see if they are working and avoid link penalties.


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How LinkOkay Makes Your SEO Easier

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No Spreadsheets

Say goodbye to spreadsheets!

Link-building means spreadsheets. On-line or Off-line.

And that means very tedious task(s) of manually inserting tons of data about your backlinks, cell.. by.. cell.

No more!

LinkOkay pulls data automatically for you!

spreadsheets not needed

All important backlink metricks in click of a button

LinkOkay shows you all the important metrics of your backlinks.

- Whether they are Live or not.
- If they are Indexed by the search engines.
- How many other outbound links are on the page.
- Whether the link if follow or nofollow.
- and many more...

The best thing? They are pulled automatically, you don't have to lift a finger.

metrics linkokay tracks
Daily Checks

Every 24 hours data gets re-checked

Are your links Live or have they been removed?
Are they Indexed by the search engines?
What about OBL on the page or follow/nofollow attribute?

Change in any of these things can greatly influence your link-building efforts!

With LinkOkay you'll know right away! LinkOkay re-checks ALL important attributes of your backlinks every 24 hours.

linkokay daily checks

Improve your link performance

With LinkOkay you can clearly see what is going on with your link-building campaigns.

Search engines release new updates of their algorithm all the time.

And they don't tell us much about it.

LinkOkay makes it simple to pin-point what type of link caused increase or decrease in rankings.

Measure the effectiveness of your backlinks with ease.

analysis by linkokay
Your Links

You are in charge

Unlike other apps on the market today, LinkOkay doesn't build any index.

It only works with backlinks you feed it.

This means 100% accuracy of your link-building campaign.

backlink table

Smooth & cool experience

Simple, easy to navigate and modern looking User Interface.

Navigate through backlinks table or quickly see overall progress of your backlinking by various graphs.

Customize the user-interface to your liking.

linkokay user interface

We're just getting started...

450+ Users
1250+ Projects
300k+ Links Tracked
1 bilion Current Link Capacity

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LinkOkay is constantly being updated with new features either by us or based on your feedback.


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Recommended by SEO experts

amanda noire avatar
Amanda Noire

LinkOkay is the best link tracker out there. Other tools just scrape links of big guys via API. LinkOkay gives you full control!

gabriel jordan avatar
Gabriel Jordan

LinkOkay is intuitive & saves precious time as it helps you keep track your links in an easy to use dashboard.

phill kopp avatar
Phill Kopp CEO @ CodeExcel

When I got into "SEO game" I immediately started hating linkbuilding. Especially tracking of backlinks. I wish LinkOkay was around back then.

Aaron Whyte CEO @ Mebsites

I recommend LinkOkay to any agency owner. I handle linkbuilding for a large number of clients. Ammount of spreadsheets was getting out of hand.

mary o connel avatar
Mary O'Connel

After only a month of using LinkOkay I found out my "trusted" link vendors were scamming me by turning my links into nofollow after initial report! Not cool!

alex moore avatar
Alex Moore Owner @ ModuMobile

LinkOkay is not my first backlink monitor. What I appreciate the most about it is definitelly the 24-hours re-crawl feature. With other checkers you have to wait days if not weeks!