Tired Of Using Spreadsheets To MANUALLY Monitor Your Backlinks?

LinkOkay makes your backlink managment easy.
It elimiates the need to use online & offline spreasheets to monitor your backlinks.

What you get with LinkOkay

LinkOkay is a simple web-based app that maanges your backlinks for you!
It works like keyword trackers but for backlinks.
You insert the URL where backlinks point to and then backlinks themselves.

Hosting page Live check

Is the page hosting the backlink you worked so hard to get, Live?

If it is not, you can expect a drop in search engine rankings pretty soon.

LinkOkay will check your backlinks every 24 hours and report back with their status.

This feature can also be used as uptime monitor.

Backlink Presence check

This is the most important aspect of any link-building campaign. Without this nothing else matters.

This tool reports every 24 hours whether your backlink is still actaully present on the hosting page.

There are million reasons why it might be gone and you'll know it right away! (for example shady link vendors)

Nofollow / Dofollow

Simple, yet powerful tool that will let you know whether your backlink is nofollow or dofollow.

Sometimes link becomes nofollow and you will know about it right away. For example, if the website owner decides he no longer wants to pass any juice your way.

Oubound Link Count

Quickly and easily find out how many other backlinks are present on the page.

More backlinks means higher competition and less power for you.

Sometimes you get promised exclusive link placement only to find out 50 other people were promised the same.

Anchor Text

Text representing your backlink is one of the most important aspects of any link-building campaign.

See quikcly and easily whetever your overall anchor text profile is on point or you are going towards over-optimization.

Avoid penalties and filters with ease.

Anchor Type & Source

Manually classify the source and anchot text type of any backlink you build.

This gives you great control of your overall diversity of your backlinking campaign.

Visual Graphs

Last but not least... every bit of data is displayed in fancy graphs to give you quick overview of what's happening with your backlinking campaign.

Easily spot whether multiple links went dead all of a sudden or if your campaign is moveing towards algorythmic penalty.

LinkOkay's Features

LinkOkay only works with links you feed it. This means much higher accuracy when calculating things like anchor text ratios and overall number of built backlinks.

One of a Kind

LinkOkay is the only tool currently on the market that allows you to manually input, track and monitor backlinks you build.


LinkOkay is based on the latest technology which ensures accurate monitoring and tracking of your backlinks.


Running on robust infrastructure, LinkOkay lets you check your backlinks lighting fast.

White-Label / Sharing

Check backlinks of your Projects from anywhere, even without logging in! Simply generate a Share link.

No index.
No guessing.

LinkOkay provides 100% accuracy of your link-building because it only works with links you feed it.


Alex Moore Owner @ ModuMobile

LinkOkay is the best tracker out there. Other tools just scrape links of big guys (you know who they are) throguh API. LinkOkay gives you full control!

Gabriel Jordan

LinkOkay is intuitive & saves precious time as it helps you keep track your links in an easy to use dashboard.

Phill Kopp CEO @ CodeExcel

I recently got into "SEO game" and immediately started hating linkbuilding. Especially tracking of backlinks I build. Thank lord for LO!

Gain competitive advantage

Drastically Improve Your SEO and Increase Your ROI

Are the valuable backlinks you built Live? Is backlink to your money website actually Present on the page? What about Outbound Link Count of the Page or whether the link is Dofollow or Nofollow?

Checking all of these things for your backlinks is perfectly doable if you make 10 or less of them. However, you are probably much above that. LinkOkay will check all of these crucial attributes on a daily basis for all of your backlinks.

Whether it is 5 or 5000.

Choose Your Package Below

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  • 1000 Backlinks
  • 48 Hours Re-Crawl
  • Project Sharing
  • Exporting
  • Premium Support




  • 5000 Backlinks
  • 24 Hours Re-Crawl
  • Project Sharing
  • Exporting
  • Premium Support