LinkOkay Metrics Explained

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Columns (research tab)

linkokay columns

Source – Page on the web that is supposed to contain your backlink. The Source of the backlink.

Date – The date source was added into our system. You can change this Date to whatever you want.

Live – Status of the Source. Whether it is live or not.

Present – Shows whether your backlink is Present on the Source page or not. Ideally, you want all of your backlinks to be Present.

Index – Google index status of the Source page.

OBL – OutBound Link count of the Source page (how many other backlinks are on the Source page besides yours).

Rel – Rel attribute of the A tag. Shows whether the backlink is dofollow or nofollow.

Anchor – Anchor text of the backlink.

Link Type – Type of the backlink. Either text, image or redirect.

Anchor Type – Type of the anchor text backlink is using. For example: Brand, exact match, naked URL etc. Must be set manually.

Source Type – Defines what type of page the Source is. For example: PBN link, guest post, web 2.0 etc. Must be set manually.

IP Address – Source’s server IP address.

Graphs (graphs tab)

Anchor Text – Shows 15 top anchor texts of the Project. Determined by the Anchor Text column on Research Tab.

Rel – Total count of dofollow/nofollow backlinks. Determined by Rel column.

Link Type – Total count of live Link Types. Determined by the Link Type column.

Index – Total count of indexed/deindexed backlinks by Google – Determined by the Index column.

Anchor Type – Total count of live Anchor Types – Determined by the Anchor Type column.

Source Type – Total count of live Source Types. Determined by the Source Type column.